Launch of a New Café in Pershore

Taste Buds is a local independent café which has opened its doors in the historic market town of Pershore, Worcestershire. Offering great coffee and deliciously prepared fresh food, visitors will find it the perfect place to start their day, catch up with friends or relax at lunch or teatime.

What we did

Design, Development, Content, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website

It’s all about the Coffee and the Food

Launching a new café can be an all-consuming ‘on the ground’ affair. There’s not much time to consider what needs to be done regarding online promotional activity.

With a tight budget, the Taste Buds team asked us for some help to get them going online. As well as designing and creating a minimalistic brochure website, which they can expand and build upon in future months, Toast helped the Taste Buds team set up social media accounts and advised them on how to get their company uploaded onto the various online business directories. A humble start with great growth potential!

With all our initial investment being spent on building work, equipment and products, we barely had any budget left to promote our new cafe! Toast & Marketing were very generous with their time and helped us enormously. They gave us some very good advice as to how we could promote our cafe on a shoestring and designed a lovely little website for us, so our customers could find us online. All in all, a great marketing start for us to build upon!


Manager, Taste Buds Pershore