Social Media Marketing 2018 – Do’s & Don’ts


1. Build a strategy

Determine what your objectives are and set achievable goals.

2. Research your audience

Find the right platform for the customers you want to attract. Not every social media channel has the demographic you’re looking for

3. Use Videos

Video Marketing is the fastest growing medium for content marketing right now.

4. Show your personality

Behind-the-scenes content offers an authentic and close up experience of your brand. Great for showing your fun side.

5. Engage

Initiate conversations and shares to build interest, trust and respect.



1. Always Sell

Use the 80/20 content rule: 80% entertaining & engaging, 20% promotional.

2. Forget to evaluate

Try different types of content and monitor results. Consistent testing is important to see what works best.

3. Overlook the metrics

It’s not all about likes and follows, consider reach, clicks, engagement, organic and paid metrics too.

4. Ignore local marketing

Digital platforms are making it easier than ever for businesses to interact with local consumers.

5. Neglect your website

Make sure your website is user-friendly and fully optimised for mobile use.


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