New Websites: Build your own, or have one built for you?

As a start-up, busy getting your business idea up and running, creating your own website is probably the last thing on your mind. But, when you’re about to go live with your business, one of the first things you’ll realise you need to do is to get your business online. Today’s customers expect a business to have a website. Period. Even if you don’t actually do business online, you’ll appreciate that your potential customers will still expect to find information about your company on the internet before they contact or visit you. Therefore, an online presence is vital for any business looking to connect or reach out to its potential customers.

The Extremes

So, what do you do when you have no spare time, let alone any creative energy left, to start building your own website using one of the DIY web building sites, the so-called quick-fix solutions? Or you have a limited budget and the quotes you’ve received from web developers are way above your limit?

Don’t get us wrong, the DIY web building sites are very good. Nothing wrong with them at all. But an easy option? No. They are very well advertised, Kylie Kloss is a fan of one, but really, did she actually build the site herself? What you need to realise, is that, no matter how easy these web builders are supposed to be, you must do all the hard work yourself. You still have to be creative, write your own content, be grammatically-savvy, upload your own photos, optimise your site, find keywords, and more. You have to do everything that will make your website unique, great and discoverable – a very time-consuming process.

Immensely technical web developers are also not our bug-bear. Not at all. Coding experts with fountains of specialised knowledge and skilled know-how, developing wonderful one-off websites with loads of customised mechanics. Literally mind-blowing. But do they build websites with SEO in mind? Do they upload optimised photos and content, use the best keywords for your business, write engaging content? Sadly, the answer is an all too often no, unless you’re very lucky. And, once the website is live, are you able to quickly and easily make updates yourself, without having to spend more money to have it done for you because the website is coded in such a way that makes it too technical for you to do it? Again, the answer, in our experience, is a far too often no.

The Alternatives

There are many middle ground alternatives out there – some very good, some perhaps not so. But, as this is a blog on our site, excuse us for indulging in a little self-promotion: Toast & Marketing – the alternative web design and digital marketing agency for start-ups and small businesses. We’re sure we’re not the only solution out there and we’re not claiming we’ve reinvented the wheel, but our company was initially set up with you, the start-up, in mind. We’re modern, fresh and always raring to go, with oodles of passion and drive. You won’t have heard of us yet, we’re pretty new, but we have a huge amount of experience, way beyond our company’s years, in websites, marketing, SEO, content writing and social media.

Toast & Marketing

We offer a complete package for start-ups, a simple process at a reasonable, affordable price. We combine web design with content writing, Google advice with SEO, and brand designs with optimised photography. We can also register your domain name, organise your hosting and deliver the after care, should you need it. You’ll no doubt be sceptical, thinking you’ve heard it all before – but try us out, we’re quite sure you won’t be disappointed. We don’t just deliver websites that look good: your website will be stylish and beautiful, of course. But, it will also be user-friendly, responsive and optimised to its best possible result. You are then able to take it from there, as you wish. We can either teach and train you on how to upload future content; offer periodic support when you need it; or, we can manage the entire site for you. We’re flexible in our approach, so the way forward is entirely up to you.

We believe that every business should have a website, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth and it doesn’t have to be unstylish. We take great pride and satisfaction in helping startup businesses with limited resources achieve their goal of a great-looking website.

If you have a project in mind, do get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!