Modern Website Design for Beauty Clinic Laser Aesthetics

Laser Aesthetics, a laser hair removal clinic in Worcester, required a website and digital marketing partner to help them set up their new business online. Whilst the owner was busy working and training, Toast & Marketing were given the task to build a website, write content, create a logo, launch the site on Google and Social Media sites as well as arrange for hosting and dedicated email addresses. With some hard work, but full collaboration between both parties, the business was officially launched in October 2018.

The Design

Clinical but personal, medical but relaxed, professional but friendly – the perfect design for a specialist, technologically advanced and most welcoming private laser hair removal clinic.

What we did

Design, Build, Development, Content writing, Image optimisation, Logo design, SEO, Google My Business/Bing Places set up, Facebook/Instagram account set up, Emails, Hosting, Mobile Website

We’ve received an unbelievable amount of support from Toast & Marketing. I couldn’t have launched the business online so quickly without them. As for the website? They have set the bar very high!
Loretta Turvey

Owner, Laser Aesthetics, Worcester