Website Design for Transport Company

When Transport Consultant, a new transport consultancy agency based in London, were looking to build a website for their new transport consultancy agency, they were rather baffled by the choice of website platforms and themes available online. Despite well-advertised website builder claims of ‘getting online in minutes’, the company just couldn’t get to grips with the process at all. After abandoning the idea of doing it themselves, they got in touch with Toast. As we would (obviously) say – a wise move!

After an intitial consultation, Toast recommended the best way forward, explained the various steps involved, and, after being given the go-ahead, kept TC involved at every stage. The result is not only a simple, clean and easy to navigate website, TC also feels it describes the company perfectly, and are delighted with the result. Toast is now in the process of showing TC how effortlessly the website can be edited, to incorporate any changes or business advances in the future.

The Design

The website is deemed a perfect translation of the feel, design and look Transport Consultant was aiming for: a mix of  modern style with a business-like, informative and friendly approach, as well as an easy UX (user-experience).

What we did

Design, Build, Development, Content editing, Image research, Logo, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website

So glad we contacted Toast & Marketing. They explained the process clearly and thoroughly, so we understood exactly what was happening at every stage. Words can’t describe how pleased we are with the website.

David Humphreys

Owner, Transport Consultant